Weekly Schedule

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Morning Ashtanga Yoga

Personalized, Strength Building Practice

(Open too all 3 & 5-day pass-holders)


Monday through Thursday

Led Ashtanga Yoga

Friday 8-9:15 AM All Levels

Saturday 8-9:15 AM Beginners


Traditional Yoga Therapy

Sunday 8-9:15 AM All Levels

Monday 5-6:15 PM All Levels


Reset & Relax: Sound Healing & Pranayama (breath-work)

All are welcome to attend, no previous experience necessary.

Saturday Evening 6:30-8:00pm


Single class

 $15 Regular - $12 Student

Monthly Membership

3-day's Per Week (12 classes) $100

5-Days Per Week Membership (20 classes) $140

Gong Meditation

Donation-based (Suggested: $12)

Please Note

For the Morning Ashtanga program, we ask that you email or call before your first session.

For beginners it is advisable to come Friday for led class as your first session. See contact information here.