Before You Attend Class


Here are some tips that can make Your 1st yoga experience @ Se-tu smooth sailing, and are also good for the community at-large. 

  • All students are asked to shower before coming to practice; to wear clean and modest clothing; and to bring a clean mat and towel to practice.

  • Please refrain from wearing fragrances in the shala, as many people have sensitivities to certain scents which can make their experience less focused.

  • Cell phones and water bottles are not allowed in the practice space. Please silence your phones and leave them in the changing room cubbies.

  • Please make sure to sign-in at the start of practice.

  • It is recommended that you refrain from eating (2-4 hours) before practice to ensure that your body is not working hard to digest food. Plus, some of the postures are made more difficult by a full stomach. Empty stomach = best.

  • Since the practice is meant to bring the focus inwards, we ask that students refrain from talking amongst each-other in our shala/studio space. You are welcome to talk in the waiting room.

  • Please practice only what your teacher has given you. Practicing additional postures that have not been instructed are not only distracting to others, but can be dangerous.