Our Story

Many people want to study yoga, but don’t have access to the yoga culture, as it is in India. To a westerner’s ear, Indian’s speak of yoga and it’s something deeper, extending well beyond the physical practice of asana, and what is offered through a weekly yoga class. The question then arrises, how can one grow their yoga practice when much of the knowledge and culture is not-accessible without heading to India? Does it need to be this encrypted and hard to gain access to?

In response to this, Emily & Harmeet— a couple that spans the two cultures—formed Sētu Yoga & Meditation Retreat Center. They intend to create a space at Sētu that acts as a bridge for people to experience yoga and the context that yoga flourishes within, by bringing together communities and cultures like Emily & Harmeet were brought together—with purpose.

Sētu currently offers sessions in Mysore Style Ashtanga yoga, meditation, and Sanskrit chanting. This fall, offerings will expand to include overnight lodging, Ayurvedic cooking, and eastern philosophy. It’s a mini ashram experience, without the jet lag, and with a few more amenities. 


On OUr Naming

Shundo Aoyama, a well-known Japanese writer and female Zen priest, wrote a poem that captures what our intention is for Sētu Retreat

Helping [one] to cross And [two] to cross:

Such a bridge I wish to be, Yet I am merely helped to cross.

This poem resonates a strong message of inclusivity, humbleness, helping and being helped. It is our intention that Sētu (meaning bridge in Sanskrit) capture these elements in its creation and ongoing activities and that we, while striving to be a bridge for others, find bridges in others that help us to discover new things on the path to self-mastery.