A Spiritually Minded Space for Your Next Retreat


This page explores some of the options you’ll have when designing your group’s retreat.

At the bottom of the page you will find an initial intake form that we encourage you to submit. It is meant to start a conversation with us about your retreat needs and rental possibilities.

Customizable Packages

We offer the option to book our entire retreat center or half the retreat center, optimizing the space to meet you group’s need.

Room Option 1: Full-Retreat Rental for Up-to 22 Guests

Room Option 2: Half-Retreat Rental (Up-To 12 Guests)

We offer three different meal packages.

Meal Option 1: Simple Meal Plan

Breakfast of Indian or Western Origin

Sample Below

Meal Option 2: Two Star meal plan

Includes Breakfast above, a Simple Lunch (e.g. soup and sandwich, Dal Chawal), and an Afternoon Snack w/ Chai or Ayurvedic Tea

Sample Below

Meal Option 3: Full Meal Plan

Includes breakfast, lunch and snack above, plus dinner of Indian or Western Origin

Sample Below

Need a break from leading activities? Sētu can provide the following add-on activities to keep your guests engaged, learning, and enjoying.

The following indulgences are also available for your guests to book, creating a personalized experience.


Start the Conversation

For your convenience we have provided the button below, which opens the initial retreat inquiry form in a new page, so you can easily toggle back and forth between the options above and the form.

All Retreat Rental’s Include