Yoga Shala Guidelines


Here are some tips which make the experience better for you when you start, and are also better for the community at-large. 

before your first Yoga practice

  • Although led classes are open to all and have no prerequisite, before beginning the morning mysore program, we ask that you reach out to us either via email or phone. This allows us to share information, and ask/answer questions before your first morning practice. To get in contact with us please click here.

  • If you’re dropping in from out-of-town and have an established practice, we strongly encourage you send us an email to give us a heads up that you’re planning to attend practice. You can use this link to reach out: here.


  • On your first day, please arrive at least 15 minutes early to fill out paperwork and get acquainted with the studio.

  • Before coming to Sētu, all students are asked to shower as part of being cleanly in mind and body (related to the concept of saucha one of the niyamas of ashtanga); to wear clean and modest clothing; and to bring a clean mat and towel to practice.

  • Please refrain from wearing fragrances in the shala, as many people have sensitivities to certain scents.

  • Cell phones and water bottles are not allowed in the practice space. Please silence your phones and leave them in the entry room.

  • Please make sure to sign-in at the start of each practice.

  • It is recommended that you refrain from eating (2-4 hours) before practice to ensure that your body is not working hard to digest food. Plus, some of the postures are made more difficult by a full stomach. Empty stomach = best.

  • Since the practice is meant to bring the focus inwards, we ask that students refrain from talking amongst each other before and during practice. Conversation related to the practice is permitted between teacher and student.

  • Since Mysore style Ashtanga yoga is a traditional form of asana practice, it has specific reasons why it is taught in the sequence, form, and pace that it is. Please practice what the teacher has given you. Practicing additional postures that have not been instructed are not only distracting to others, but can be dangerous. Progress is not measured by the number of postures you do, nor how fancy you look. That said, we encourage you to not make this a priority. Instead let the breath be your guru.

  • Nudity is prohibited at Sētu regardless of who is present. This is for the benefit of yourself and the community. We trust that everyone will monitor himself or herself and maintain modesty.

  • Remember too, we do not practice on moon days. For a list of these days, please click here.