Makers Space:

The Forgotten Art of Cold-Pressed Soap Making Using Seasonal Ayurvedic Herbs

We are offering both an overnight program, as well as a day guest soap-making workshop. Please see below for more details.

Day Guest: Soap Making Workshop

Join us for an afternoon of soap making from 2-5pm on Saturday, April 26th! During the workshop participants can expect to learn about the fundamentals of Ayurveda, the ancient medicinal system of India, as well as some basic skin soothing herbs. After setting the tone for soap making, we will engage in the process of making soap from scratch using Lye, personalizing ingredients and scents to suit your individual preference. Participants can expect to take home ~5 bars of soaps for personal use.

Workshop: $40 per/person

Pre-registration required. Register before April 13th, and receive $5 off.

Overnight Guest: Weekend Package

Friday, April 26th- Sunday, April 28th 2019

A great retreat for a friends getaway, mother/daughter bonding, or for those interested in learning new holistic, old-world skills

This March, Sētu Retreat Center will offer its second installment of a weekend focused on Ayurveda and Wellness through the art of cold-pressed soap making. During this weekend retreat, participants will gain hands on experience in making soap using Ayurvedic herbs known to have benefits for the skin during the spring. All participants will make  soap from scratch, personalizing their ingredients and designing their packaging. In addition to our program on soap-making, participants will have access to the full-amenities of Sētu including morning Ashtanga Yoga classes with traditional Sanskrit chanting, philosophy talks, hot tubs, as well as evening gong meditation with singing bowls.


Space is Limited

10 participants, ages 16+

Booking with someone…choose a Double RooM* for a discount! $200 per person for weekend

Single room**$300 for weekend

*Double rooms accommodate two + guests and have beds ranging from a full bed to king bed with pull out sofa. When you connect with us, please indicate your preference and we will send information about the rooms available.

*Single rooms have either a Twin XL bed, or full size bed.